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Welcome to Hopalong Hollow

You could say that Hopalong Hollow was the culmination of the lifelong love and longing for an olde house and a country life, with all that it entails.

My search, over 28 year ago, took me from my childhood home in the west and brought me to an obscure little town in East Tennessee. Five miles outside that town sat a very sad and neglected farm house with a lot of land.... gone to wild brambles and trees. 

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It's taken years of hard work which included restoration of the house, (built in early1900) clearing land, laying walkways, planting gardens, building pergolas, arbors, outbuildings and a large barn to house our many new animal friends. This culminated  in a home we call Ochre Moon Manor and a farm christened Hopalong Hollow. Living in this place has inspired all my books and artwork since that time.


The work is never really done, it's a lifetime project. This year, our dilapidated bridge must be replaced and new roofing put on a house addition. No Matter, we are used to work, and living a country life is food for the soul; witnessing Gods awesome creation in the land upon which we live, the marvelous creatures that surround us and the bounteous gardens we attempt to grow, is more than enough.

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All creatures great and small inhabit our realm, from the wild woodland folk, to our own flocks of sheep, gaggles of geese, duck, peacock, chicken-folk and donkeys; there is no end the the inspiration I derive for my artwork. You will often see my animals make an appearance in my books, paintings and Woolen fact, much of my wool for needle-felting comes from my own sheep.


As an avid, dedicated, amateur gardener, I've determined never to stop until gardens surround the house and inundate the property. I have a YOUTUBE channel with over 100 videos covering my gardening, old time cooking, antiques and history. It's all in good fun, and promises to inspire new gardeners and collectors.


Visit Jeri Landers of Hopalong Hollow, on may like it,


if you enjoy old houses, cottage gardens, and peacocks making weird sounds.


Whenever a new book comes out, we have an "Open Garden" here in Hopalong Hollow. I post it on my schedule, hope you will visit us next time!

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Planting a Beatrix Potter Patch

Here is one of my garden plans for creating a Beatrix Potter Patch in you own yard. Using the flowers, vines and herbs she planted in her own gardens at Hilltop farm; You can watch my video showing the planting whys and wherefores on my YouTube channel.

Beatric Potter Patch.jpg
Beatrix Potter Patch for banner.jpg
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