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Pippity Trimble

and the

Cunning Green Stranger

Latest Book: Available NOW!

Story Synopsis

    Pippity Trimble is a plucky little brown mouse, the Mistress of Olde Trimble Manor. Pipp loves her stately old home and she dearly loves her gardens. When a smooth-talking green stranger appears suddenly in her courtyard, she reluctantly allows him to stay. It seems a good idea at first, but Pippity soon learns that she has made a very big mistake.

                                       Whatever shall she do?

I I am  cheered to introduce you to a new book series in Hopalong Hollow, "Bitty Books for Bunny Paws". These books are half the size of my previous books, simply because my new character is quite small herself and this series is dedicated to her:

                                                   Pippity Trimble Tales.

This book is 6"x6",  Despite the small size, we did not skimp on quality. These are keep-sake books with a Hardcover, Embossed Dust Jacket, illustrated end-papers, a bookplate and 28  pages  of text and delicate, intricate and sweetly spring-like watercolor illustration by Jeri.

Price of $15. plus shipping

This is Pippity's first story, there are 5 more to come! Let me introduce you to the 2nd character in Pipp's books.... her house.

   I built Pippity's house to suit a little mouse perfectly. It is brick, plaster,  timber and stone. The rooftops are thatch, acorns and pine-cone chips. I'm finishing the rooms one by one.In this book, you will see her pantry and her bedroom. In future books, the rooms will appear one by one.

Pippity's home plays an important part

in her stories

      As with all of my books, these are not just for children. If you are a gardener, a needle-worker, a bee-keeper, animal lover, keeper of the past, a collector of Beautiful books, then you will be a lover of Hopalong Hollow Books.

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