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Mamsey Bear and Mopkin


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Story Synopsis:

   "To take a long winter's nap is a very, BEAR-ISH thing to do", explains Mamsey Bear to her reluctant, active little cub, Mopkin, when describing hibernation. But Mopkin dislikes the idea of sleeping away the winter, for she fears she will miss all the joyful pleasures of her little world if she is fast asleep. With dedication, love and creativity, Mamsey prepares a comforting way for her little bear to relish the long winter's nap. This is the story of a Mother Bears love, expressed through sacrifice and a thousand tiny stitches.

   There is a mystery throughout: whatever is Mamsey up to? Why does the mother bear need silver thread? Why does she cut into her favorite cloak? Why does she want a shabby red jacket, a bundle of goose-feathers and the "perfect needle"? Maybe you can figure it all out before the last page! This is a story to savor, no need to rush. Good things sometimes take time...just like a long winters nap.

32 pages/ Hardback with embossed book jacket / 12"x12" Price $22

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"Mamsey and Mopkim"


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" Mamsey and Mopkin"

Sorry temporaily out of stock, currently in production.

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