Hopalong Hollow Folk

Handmade Originals

Hopalong Hollowfolk hopped right out of my books! 

My materials of choice include the best of English and German Mohair fabrics, salvaged wool and cotton fabrics, raw wool  from my own sheep, alpaca wool and sheep's batting. All have glass eyes, most are clothed in 18th and 19th century bonnets and garb.  In the tradition of Vintage stuffed toys, many of my creatures are pose-able due to the wire armature and wooden disc joints placed within the character. Animals from mice to badgers grow in sizes    from      

3" to 24".

Okay, maybe it wasn't that simple. I wanted to bring my book characters to life in 3-d and found the most satisfying , soft and realistic way to go about it, was to create them from fiber materials.  I've done needlework all of my life, so working with fibers feels natural and cozy. Just like the animals that inhabit my books, these fiber characters have realistic, yet whimsical qualities and personalities. And, just like the characters in my books, no two are exactly alike.

Hopalong Hollowfolk are amusing and sprightly  companions for the young at heart and not meant as toys for children.


 Many of the characters on this page may be marked as sold. I make new characters constantly and most will not show up on this site because I take them to art shows and festivals.

See someone you like? I can make you something similar, just ask.

To order anything on this page, please contact me; you can reach me by phone or email:

865 828 8280 or jeri@jerilanders.com


A Video Preview of Hopalong Hollowfolk

Silas Spinach is Needlefelted over a wire armature  15" to top of head, glass eyes, horsehair whiskers, pose-able, handmade clothing and needlefelted veges in backpack. $625

Persephone is an 11" rabbit to top of head, glass eyes, Horsehair whiskers, pose-able due to wire armature. She is elegantly dressed in satin and net vintage dress from the 1950's. $325

Esmeralda Dupree is also pose-able with glass eyes, sturdy strong thighs, and a lovely vintage dress from the 1940's

$325   SOLD

Feathered Hopalong Hollowfolk 


See someone you like? Just email me at jeri@jerilanders.com

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Drucilla P. Possum Posie Peddlar

and babies 5/ posie basket too


Cats from left to right: Claudette (calico), Moriah (white), Adicus (peachy), Buster (Grey Tabby) SOLD, Cindy (in Bonnet, SOLD), Bixby (calico) All the kitties are $180. If you want your kitty dressed in vintage clothing, add an additonal $25.

email to order: jeri@jerilanders.com

Sometimes, someone really special comes along; such is the case with Miranda and Polly. Both fox are Needle-felted with sheeps wool over wire armature, soulful glass eyes, horsehair whiskers and individually wrapped claws.  Miranda stands 12" to top of head and Polly Wolly stands 8". Both girls are wearing wonderful handmade dolly clothes from my personal collection of antique and vintage frocks, these dresses are over 60 yrs old. Hats are handmade by me. Polly's pull toy is handmade with wool. Miranda's shoes are from the 1930's.

Miranda is $850 and Polly is $725.  BOTH SOLD

Email for more information; jeri@jerilanders.com

All mice are on old spools or letter blocks at $180. If you want your mouse placed on a pincushion it is $225.

Often in stock, if not, you can special order your mouse.

email to order jeri@jerilanders.com

Theodora Cheddar is teeming with artistic flair and talent! With her slender frame, luminous pink eyes, platinum fur and graceful fingers, she poses before a full length mirror practicing her high notes in a Splendid Soprano voice. Theodora is 7" tall to top of head, needlefelted with Icelandic sheep's wool over a pose-able wire armature. Her marvelous satin dress with purplish blue sheen,  is from the 1940's. $325   SOLD

Bluebird sold, Robin sold. Cardinal $325 Swan $325

youtube header.jpg

Small Fox Pin keeps all are $225

email me: jeri@jerilanders.com

Fox are 7" from nose to tip of tail; Leaping, Walking, Standing still  or Standing on two legs. Mounted on felted mounds of flowers, leaves and vines. $225

Roller skating Chipmunks! All chippies are dressed in vintage clothing over 60 yrs old, Tiny roller skates are also from the 1950's. Standing 6-7" tall, needle-felted, glass eyes, horsehair whiskers. $325

Songbirds are made to order $125 to $325

email me:


Fabric Pincushions

with Needle felted Rabbits

Needlefelted Rabbit



Made to order, email me


The Expedition

Lars, Louis and Sir Hugh

$1500 SOLD

Special Order only

Gallery of sold

Hopalong Hollowfolk