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The Journey of Bushky BushyBottom

Story Synopsis:

In this, the second book in the Hopalong Hollow series, we follow the adventure of Bushky Bushybottom, a young squirrel who is blown from his treehouse and  carried far away by a wild, wild wind. In his search for home he is both helped and hindered by a cast of characters: a motherly possum, a frog that runs a ferry boat and a gourmet fox in paisley pants (with a penchant for squirrel), just to name a few. A twist of fate brings Bushky home in a most unexpected way.

Follow the little honeybee from page to page and be sure to search for over 100 "hidden" woodcarvings throughout this book.

32 pages/ Hardback book with Embossed Dust jacket/ 12"x12"  Price $22



"Moon Beam Award"

 Best Illustrator



"Benjamin Franklin"


"National Best Books"




Inside Pages of

"The Journey of Bushky BushyBottom"

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